Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Quick ruined tower for miniature gaming.

On this project, I just started out with a single layer of cardboard where I glued down the bottom layer of 1"x0.5"x0.5" Styrofoam bricks with Gorilla Glue. All other rows I just used white glue.

I had a few squirts of spray foam left over after some gap-filling in my house, so I just used that for some thickness, then glued down random bricks cut on angles for that collapsed structure feel. After drying I added my favorite terrain standby of spackling compound for added filler and then some sand where the grass has been worn away. I also attacked the bricks with a small cautery to put some crumbly/ancient touches to them.

Base spray-coat black, ftw!

Hit the stones with a thick dry-brush of a medium gray, then a light dry brush of a light gray.

Started adding the flock. I've had the most luck doing small separate sections as it doesn't lead to big balls of fuzzy green goop.

And the finished piece, ready for the characters to discover. A campsite of travelling murderous cultists? A hidden trap door to a Mega Dungeon? Or a defensible position when the Spider hordes attack? Perhaps all three...

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Speed -modular- cavern terrain for miniature gaming.

So here's a little half-ass tutorial on making terrain for your games involving miniatures. I grew up reading Conan and Elric and ogling the miniature display at our local hobby shop, so when I think of this type of gaming, I'm thoroughly in the RPG camp, not wargaming, so some of my ideas may be skewed for a certain style of play.
Not being rich, I can't afford all that fancy pre-made terrain stuff, so I grab what's cheap, on hand, or easy to acquire. My raw materials list is fairly short, and the big expense being the insulation and hot wire cutter (but that's pretty much a lifetime supply).
  • 1 sheet 2" 'blue' Styrofoam insulation.
  • A bunch of cardboard boxes I had left over from my move from Florida to Michigan.
  • 1 bottle Elmer's white glue.
  • 2 spray cans of cheap flat black pain
  • 1 can spray-on ceiling texture
  • 1 hot wire cutter.
  • Normal cheap modeling/craft paint
  • Tools you best already damn have if you call yourself a gamer
The first step is probably the most intensive, that is cutting cardboard into 12" squares and gluing 2 of them together to 'help' against warping and adding extra strength. Note: as I am using my moving boxes, 11.5" is as big as I could get out of them, but I'm able to get 4 per box.

After scoring the insulation and snapping off 12" strips from the insulation, I then snapped them into 12" squares. I laid out 9 of these in a cube to accommodate my gaming table's width of 4 feet, and then sketched out the plan on the surface of the insulation. This particular level I opted for 2 exits per side, while the other level I have planed is only 1 per. I then followed the sketch lines with my hot wire cutter and glued down the pieces with white glue. I kept the negative space pieces for a future Mountain of Doom I'm slowly building.

I then took the can of spray Orange Peel ceiling texture and sprayed the passages and rooms throughout to give a more organic look and to help disguise the cardboards corrugation.

Flat-black spray paint applied. I got the cheapest stuff, hoping for more disintegration of the insulation, but the hoped for effect was minimal.

Note: easy stacking storage or transport!

Big-crappy brush used to apply a liberal dry brush of a medium brown, then a smaller drybrush of a medium green for a sickly, diseased effect. Note: In my campaign this cavern complex is next to the underground sea, so the green, moldy look may not be for you.

The finished 3' by 3' modular cavern complex. Design for this loosely stolen from the creative fellow in this post on Lead Adventure Forum.

A couple of other projects will be posted soon, along with a strip or 2 of Licheville, and my great experience at GameHole Con, plus, my thoughts on what a relative outsider sees in the OSR community and gaming in general. This will all be posted really soon in the within, say, the next 20 or so years if my current posting rate continues.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

A gal with something to offer.

There may be some time in the future where I will post weekly again, either gaming or Licheville, perhaps both!

But it ain't this week!

Monday, July 3, 2017

My RPG gaming wish list.

Above: my possible entry into the One Page Dungeon contest.

My RPG gaming wish list.

Currently we're playing an Basic D&D campaign ran by my buddy John. No complaints, quite enjoyable and definitely satisfies my rpg itch. But we play it on Roll20, and I really have an itch to do some face to face gaming.

Want to play:

Delta Green. I've had the rules since they first came out, but I've never run it. I want to play it first to get a feel for how it's played first. Many, many years ago I attempted to run COC, but the boys (yes, I still game with my buddies from high school!) weren't quite into the horror thing at the time. Also, playing it would help me put together adventures for it as I prefer to make my own adventures.

WFRP. I always tend to run it rather than play it. Before I moved to Florida I got in on a session of John's, and that ended up lasting for years.  He's thinking about restarting it, so I try to be subtle and nudge hin towards that.

Battletech/Mechwarrior. Another of a friend's campaigns, Dave also started this one after I was gone. If I'm nudging John, I'm damn well pushing Dave. Imagine a Star League combat team sent to investigate where Kernesky went, waking from hypersleep in 3050. We all know what happens then, don't we?

DCC/MCC. Past the funnel for once. Fucking unending GenCon funnels!

What I want to run:
A fallout-like post-apocalyptic campaign using either Grim Hack or my current favorite rendition of the COX/RQ/D100 rulest: the new Delta green.

My Corporate Space campaign using one of the afore mentioned rules. Think hard sci fi with a teeny tiny touch of horror. The Expanse would be a good representation. Taking place in our solar system after significant exploration and settlement.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Crown's Hold original campaign map

The original map I whipped up for my last (not dead yet even though I've taken an extended hiatus due to, you know-life) campaign. The funny part is that I had envisioned the campaign to be an explorative/hex crawl one, but no plan lasts after contact with a good gaming group. I'd designed a few faction/politics hooks, and that's what really got them. They maybe explored 20% of the area around them, and it lasted a year before I moved! But everybody had fun, and that is the only thing that matters.