Sunday, May 21, 2017

Crown's Hold original campaign map

The original map I whipped up for my last (not dead yet even though I've taken an extended hiatus due to, you know-life) campaign. The funny part is that I had envisioned the campaign to be an explorative/hex crawl one, but no plan lasts after contact with a good gaming group. I'd designed a few faction/politics hooks, and that's what really got them. They maybe explored 20% of the area around them, and it lasted a year before I moved! But everybody had fun, and that is the only thing that matters.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Boys

My regular gaming group who are currently adventuring through Quasqueton and the Caves of Chaos (depicted through a Licheville lens). We each have 2 characters a piece at this time, thus the doubled features. Also included are Dave, who's computer isn't letting him game with us right now, and John, the DM (hidden by the mace head on the left).

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Managing Stress

Sorry, haven't posted in some time. Let's just say when you work in the healthcare field, it's pretty hard not to get sick over and over again during flu season. And yes, I got the flu shot.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Grimmer Hack: A slight refining of the core rules.



Attributes act much the same as they do in Grim Hack and WFRP, but there are some differences as they have two distinct roles.

1.        Being the target number for a successful use of the attribute.

2.        The first digit of the attribute being the resistance (used as Toughness is in GH and WFRP) against the attacks from opponents using the same attribute.

Trying to keep the number of attributes low and only ‘active’ abilities rather than passive/reactive ones, it’s why I’m having trouble with having a Defensive Skill despite the cool armor skills I’m writing up. I may also change the Stealth skills to Agility skills adding movement and initiative as integral to it along with the sneaky stealthy stuff, but it may force me to add the locks/traps stuff to Mental specialties. It may come down to do I want a pure (say fighter-type) character, to only focus on one attribute (CS) or 2 (CS and DS).

CS - Close Combat Skill: Combat with melee weapons or martial arts. Specialties so far: two-handed weapons, two-weapons, dueling, unarmed).

RS - Ranged Skill: Using ranged weapons in combat. Use of a particular weapon may be limited to the genre it belongs to, but with training may become usable in the future. Specialties so far: Firearms, missile weapons, thrown weapons).

MS - Mental Skill: Magical, mental, manufacturing, mechanical. Ex: specialties: Healing (combat heal, regeneration, curing, etc.), damage, defense (force fields, summoning, etc. Note: Magical effects in one genre may be equivalent to Technological effects of another. Requires research of some sort, i.e.: magical: learning the spell, technological: developing the tool/device. This will be an ‘effects’ list rather than a ‘spell’ list. -1st digit = magic/Tech points for casting spells, creating nanite attacks?

SS - Stealth Skill: Sneaking, trapping, Lockpicking, assassinations, traps, etc.

DS - Defense Skill/Wounds: -1st digit = Wounds? Parry/Dodge skills? Acts as a ‘Saving Throw’ skill? Still deciding on this one. Specialties will include armor use (unarmored/agility, light, med, heavy, power armor, shields, etc.)

PS - Personality Skill: negotiation, bartering, interrogation, seduction

Movement tied to turn order/initiative?

Number of attacks start at 1 and additional attacks gained by specialties.

Attribute gain: (as in Grim Hack)

While adventuring, make note of any meaningful successes (i.e. rolls that actually have negative repercussions if they are failed) made from rolls off of characteristics, only a single success counts for any particular statistic. Multiple successes only count for one advancement attempt. At the end of the session or adventure, roll d100 for each of these noted characteristics. If the roll is higher than the characteristic’s current value, add d6 points to it, up to the max value allowed.


Combat: Appropriate skill needed to hit. Weapon/magic damage rating + d6, - attribute resistance (its 1st digit), - armor, subtract remainder from WOUNDS?

Melee weapons: Light 2dmg, Medium 3dmg, Large 4dmg

Magical damage = spell level +1

Armor=full sets Light:1-2, Med:2-3, Heavy: 3-4, Shield:1 (Different types of armor may have special attributes)

Crits=general, not location specific.


List for each attribute.

Pick either 2 or 3 at creation (haven’t decided yet).

Each will have 6 levels of progression.

Gaining specialty points:

At the end of any event/adventure wherein an attribute gain roll could be attempted for an attribute, 1 specialty point may be taken instead, but it must be used for a specialty that is related to that attribute.